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I have been using Shree Surbhi’s A2 Cow Milk & Products since 2 years now and I must say that there is no comparison with their top-notch quality and fast delivery. Shree Surbhi’s Cow Products made from only Indian Desi Breed Cows  are extremely beneficial to one’s health & each and every product has the essence of Shree Jadkhor Godham Gaushala. Two years ago, I started taking Shree Surbhi’s Panchgavya Ghrita which has helped me coming out of my depression and has strengthened my body. I feel more rejuvenated and more healthy. I recommend Shree Surbhi, Jadkhor Godham products for anyone & everyone for their great health & happiness.

Mr. Ravinder Grover, Businessman

I and my family have personally been using the products from Shree Jadkhor Godham for the past half decade and have benefited a lot from them.I often struggled with knee pain and stiffness after an accident. But simply taking 2 spoons daily Gomutra on empty stomach has completely rid me of that.My mother’s chronic eczema and both parents’ age related back and knee pains have improved dramatically with Gomutra and Takra ark. Listening to Shree Malookpeeth Maharajji’s Katha, we’ve completely stopped using Dairy industry marketed products and have started supporting local Goshala’s when we run out of Jadkhor products.I even prescribe it to patients with chronic niggles to find tangible relief and they do return with grateful attitudes on the next visit!But people away from Vrindavan often struggled to find these Gau-products in their towns and cities.This wonderful and laudable effort by Shri Surbhi team to bringing the purity of Shri Jadkhor Godham at our doorsteps will bring physical and spiritual health across India.

Dr. Bharat Tiwai, Doctor

I have been a user of Shree Surbhi, Jadkhor Godham Gaushala Products for 2 years now and I can vouch for the quality of the products supplied. The products are pure and made from Desi cow milk. I would recommend these products to anyone who appreciates good quality pure products especially the “Panchgavya Ghrit”. We have been using it with milk twice daily and as a massage oil for my niece who had severe eczema. I have seen marked improvement in her condition. I am happy to state that her condition has been more or less cured with a daily massage of the ghrit and that too without any medications.I have been giving this to my son since birth and also using as massage oil. In fact my whole family has stopped using any kind of cream and moisturizer. We all are using panchgavya ghrita as cream and results are amazing.

Mrs. Prabha Gautam, Chartered Accountant