Swadisht Pachak Churna – 100 gm

//Swadisht Pachak Churna – 100 gm

Swadisht Pachak Churna – 100 gm

Rs. 40


Available Pack Size : 100 Gram
Shell Life : 3 Years
MRP : 40
Key Features : Shree Surbhi’s Swadisht Pachak Churna consists of Gomutra, Cumin(Jeera), Lemon Extract, Ginger, Cinnamon, Salt, Coriander, Sugar candy(Mishri), Commom nightshade, Pomegranate(Anardana), Black Pepper and Asafetifda(Heeng).
Description : In ayurvedic medicine, Swadisht Pachak Churna not only helps digestive process smooth but also helps in controlling various day-to-day stomach related problems like: Gas, Indigestion, Burps, Constipation, Acidity, Dizziness, Cough etc.
Directions : Consume 1 tablespoon (~ 5gm) of Swadisht Pchak Churna with lukewarm water before sleeping. Do not consume it empty stomach.

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