GoMutra Ark( Plain )-500 ml

//GoMutra Ark( Plain )-500 ml

GoMutra Ark( Plain )-500 ml

Rs. 60

Gomutra Ark is the ultimate medicine for all diseases and wellness.It’s very effective in curing a variety of serious ailments.It helps in reducing cholestrol & also helps in reducing weight.



Available Pack Size : 500 ml
Shell Life : 1 Year
MRP : 60
Key Features : GoMutra is claimed to contain special hormones & minerals which is used for therapeutic purposes.It has vast variety of benefits from curing some serious diseases like cancer to having a spiritual cleansing effect.
Description : Shree Surbhi, Jadkhor Godham presents Gomutra Ark( Distilled Cow’s Urine) enriched with Gomutra directly obtained from Indian desi breed cows and then collecting it drop by drop while heating it in an earthen pot. It is one of its kind and made in the only way it should be made.
Dosage : Add 20 ml of GoMutra In 50 ml Of water and take it empty stomach in the morning & before sleeping as directed by the physician. Store in a cool and dry place.

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